Alkaline Water drink or not ?

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is nothing but water with a pH value higher than 7. Many medical experts and researches in this field believe that alkaline water is good for people with excess acidity as it helps in neutralizing excess acid in the body. This neutralizing effect reduces the acidity and helps in preventing and controlling in several diseases that are caused by high acid reflux like heart diseases, digestion related problems, arthritis, lack of immunity etc. There are many benefits of drinking alkaline water and there are several ways to make alkaline water. We will answer all this and more right here and right now.

How to Make Alkaline Water?

If you are drinking water with low pH value and are facing any health problems related to acidity then you should need for alkaline water.
There are several ways to make alkaline water or in other words to increase the pH value or alkaline nature of water by using special alkaline filters, and additives that increase the pH levels, changing the pH value of water from neutral to alkaline.

1. Using Baking Soda – ½ TSP in a 250 ml. water
2. Using Lemons – Lemon in its natural form is acidic with a pH of about 2
3. Adding pH Drops – You can buy a bottle of pH drops medical store near you & read instruction for use.
4. Add an Alkaline Filter to Your Water Purifier – Add a alkaline filter in your water purifier.

How to Test pH Value or Alkalinity?

color chart given above to find out the pH value

pH value of water can easily be tested using a piece of litmus paper, simply dip the pH strip/litmus paper in the water, let it sit for a moment, and then compare the color of litmus paper against the standard pH color chart to find the pH value. You can easily purchase a pH kit online. The pH kit comes with pH strips and pH color chart.

Alkaline Water Is Safe?
Alkaline water with pH value of 8 or 9 is definitely safe. There is no argument over the safety of alkaline water, the only issue that many health experts have with alkaline water is the claims of positive health benefits.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

There is still some confusion and controversy over the health claims of alkaline water. Many health experts believe there is a lack of enough research to support the health claims of alkaline water.

However, there are some studies which suggest positive effects of alkaline water in certain health conditions.
Alkaline water is believed to offer several health benefits, like:
• Improves Digestion
• Strengthens of Bones
• Boosts Immunity
• Reduces Acidity
• Reduces the risk of Heart Diseases
• Detoxifies
• Anti-ageing
• Helps in Weight Loss.





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