Trusted Top Packaged Mineral Drinking Water Brands Of India – AT A GLANCE

Trusted Top Packaged Mineral Drinking Water Brands Of India – AT A GLANCE

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Bisleri is the most popular brand in India and is now a household name. The Parle Group purchased Bisleri from the Italian entrepreneur Signor Felice Bisleri in 1969.


Kinley is owned by the Coca Cola Company. The water goes through lots of purity tests before making it to the market. They use the latest technology of operation, that is, Reverse Osmosis


It was launched on the market in 2000. Owned by Pepsico company it is one of the most popular and bestselling brands nationwide. They have almost above 19 plants all over the country that aims to supply pure water to the population.


Owned by United Breweries LTD, they now boast of millions of customer base. Its premium packaged drinking water is prepared by removing undesirable dissolved solids, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water.


Owned by the Giant FMCG Parle Agro LTD, it was Launched back in 1993. It’s a product of Parle Agro Ltd. and is known among users for purity and quality.


It is owned by the Rahul Narang Group. The company believes in using 100% organic products and no chemicals. The water is known to have been sourced from Himalayan Foothills. It is packaged using French bottling expertise.

Himalayan Water

As the brand tag goes ‘Live Pure’, the company totally believes in the fact. A joint venture between Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo India, this packaged water boasts of using totally natural water without any chemical processing. This is the only packaged water Indian brand that has accreditations from renowned institutes across the world including Institut De Fresenius, US FDA and the Health Ministries of Japan & France.

Manikchand Oxyrich

The ISO 22000:2005 certified packaged water is the only brand in India to have 200% Oxygen in it. It is also certified by the World Standard for Food Safety Management System. Purity and quality speak for the brand.

Tata Water Plus

This is the first nutrient water of India that was introduced by the NourishCo along with a joint project among Pepsi Co and Tata Global Beverages Limited. As the brand tagline goes ‘Goodness Of Copper’ the brown label to showcases the goodness of using copper vessels to drink water that was used in ancient India. Thus the water is infused with copper that strengthens the immune system and refreshes one.


This is owned by Indian Railway and is now a brand that quenches thirsts of millions travelling by train. Water is from any source and has to be treated and disinfected, a process that could involve filtration, UV or ozone treatment,reverse osmosis before it is fit for human consumption. Packaged drinking water doesn’t contain any minerals. The top Packaged mineral drinking water brands of the year 2018

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